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CEDARAIL consists of Wendy Bellan(bass, vocals, David Hayes(guitars, vocals)  Jimmy Cruikshank(drums, vocals) and Lee Bachelor(keyboards).


Wendy Bellan originally from Arcata, California and David Hayes originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia.They met in Grafton, Ontario and formed the group CEDARAIL.

Their 1st all original CD "It's All About The Music!!" was released March 2014.

Their 2nd all original CD "Face The Music" was released May 2015.

Their 3rd all original CD "Just Timeless" was released May 2016 to radio stations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Between the release of their 2nd and 3rd CDs they released two Christmas songs "Christmas Snowflakes" and "Maybe This Christmas".

All of Cedarail's original music is available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital retailers.

All vocals and instruments on these tunes are performed by Wendy and David only. Produced, arranged and engineered by Wendy and David.                   

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